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"A great game!! Try it out and fall in love!" - Tyler of RollPG13 Podcast

"Been a long time since I have seen such a unique game for the table top" - Michelle of Creative Sphere Studios

"I generally plan EXTENSIVELY when running a game as DM/GM, and the same when I'm a player. Suited says "okay. That's cool. Put your drawing board away. It's time to just LIVE." - Paul of On The Shoulder Podcast

"I love this game so freaking much; I'm obsessed! I'm getting all my friends into it too . . . If you like open, free-flowing games with a fun mechanic that never - LITERALLY NEVER - gets bogged down then you have to check this out. " - Brad from The Fate of Isen Podcast

"Gives me an excuse to buy more fancy bicycle cards." - David of the Lakeland Role Playing Guild

"Suited is an incredibly fun time. The rules are straightforward, the writing is funny, and the tables give you endless inspiration for your games. We played the Post Apocalypse playset and mashed up zombies, a mad scientist, hidden knowledge, and "treasures" from the world before. The mad lib style for adventure creation gave me everything I needed to run a one-shot with zero prep. I strongly recommend adding this game to your collection." - Meric M. of Skyhammer Press

"Suited is fast, exciting and flexible due to its core mechanics and "booster packs", which are basically setting primer that fit on 2 pages. It's unique card mechanics paired with exciting features like their suit/color-related advantages/disadvantages make for nervewrecking, hilarious or dramatic situations. I had a lot of fun playing it solo and I am curious what will come next out of house Escape Box Games. Over all a very enjoyable experience. " - Tobias M. on DrivethruRPG

Suited is an adaptable game system that can be used to play any genre you want with as little as a single deck of playing cards. Rules-light with only a moderate amount of crunch, Suited is easy for new players to pick up and learn, while having just enough rules for those people that enjoy having mechanics to play with. We currently have six released genre playset tables:

  • Action Hero Agents - In this supplement for Suited: RPG players take on the roles of Action Heros, Spies, and Regular Everyday people that find themselves drawn into an elaborate and complicated plot by a villain... a plot with world-wide implications! Can the Agents acquire the MacGuffin the villain needs before the villain does? Can they stop the catastrophe on the horizon? Inspired by Mission Impossible Series, created by Bruce Geller, James Bond Series, created by Ian Fleming, The Avengers, directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik (1998 movie), and The Kingsman Movies, produced by Matthew Vaughn

  • Fantasy Hoopla - Our take on a Classical Fantasy playset in the same feel as other namebrand tabletop roleplaying games. From starting in a Tavern to high-flying adventure amongst floating cities, delving deep into a city’s sewer system, and even scouring deadly subterranean caves, we’ve focused on hitting all of the classical tropes in a very Suited manner! Inspired by such works as: The Lord of The Rings, directed by Peter Jackson, Labyrinth, directed by Jim Henson, Willow, directed by Ron Howard, and Record of the Lodoss War, written by Ryo Mizuno.

  • High School Jokers - High School Jokers is a tongue-in-cheek playset that explores the tropes of angst, drama, over-the-top theatrics, and teenage hormones that are commonly portrayed in films, shows, books, and comics all over the world. Inspired by such works as : The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, Riverdale, developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Superbad, directed by Greg Mottola, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, directed by John Hughes. We hope that you have fun enjoying some High School Shenanigans!

  • Band Van - Players take on the role of musicians, roadies, lyracists, and managers trying to take their band from relative obscurity into the spotlights of the music industry. Players will have to come up with a band name, find a gig, and then overcome adversity to perform at the gig and make it big! This playset was inspired by the real-life stories of performing groups like The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, R.E.M., Sonny & Cher, and so many more than we could list. We also wanted to touch on the less serious band stories of movies like Rob Reiner’s This is Spinal Tap, Richard Linklater’s School of Rock, and Liam Lynch’s Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny. No matter how serious, or comical, of a story you are looking to tell about your up-and-coming band, we hope that you enjoy Band Van.

  • Fight the Zombiearchy - The 1950's were full of technological advancements and marvels from nuclear submarines to orbiting satellites. Gas was only 25¢ a gallon, root beer was still made with pure sassafrass, and President Eisenhower has just approved the creation of NASA. It is a time of imagination with dime-store novels, science fiction movies, and TV shows pouring out in the thousands. But it is also a time of social strife, a time of everything, and everyone having a place and goodness help anyone that tries to buck the system! But what happens when those Science Fiction stories come true and all of the men start turning into B-Movie Science Fiction monsters? Will you rise up and defend yourself and the children . . . or will you stay in your place and become the next meal for the monstrous horde?

            • And don't miss our Pocket Adventure for Fight the Zombiearchy, "Wing Scouts over Houston"! Wing Scouts is a pre-written adventure for Game Masters that don't feel up to improving a Suited game just yet.

  • In the Shadows – For centuries humans have talked about creatures that live in the darkness, shadows that move in the corner of their eyes, of powerful predators that feed on their blood, and of mystical creatures that beguile and bewitch. The In the Shadows Playset is focused on the creatures of these tales and of the conflict that arises when they come into conflict with each other. This playset is for the fans of Danny McBride’s Underworld Movies, the tongue-in-cheek all out action of Stephen Sommers Van Helsing and Ehren Kruger’s The Brothers Grimm, or the solemn horror of Bram Stroker’s Dracula.

  • Noir - A crimes been done and you guys and dolls are the only ones that can solve it! Go back in time to the Hollywood heydays of the Film Noir in this setting inspired by the likes of Chester Gould's Dick Tracy, John Huston's adaption of Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, and games like Rockstar Game's L.A. Noir.

  • Pelts In Pelts you take on the role of Anthropomorphic animals that must set out on an epic quest to retrieve a lost relic of bygone heroes in order to save your home from the villainous hordes attacking it. The setting is loosly based on a Middle Ages level of technology and is designed to evoke the feeling of childhood classics like the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques, The Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien, the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter, and The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

  • Plunder – In Plunder you are the crew of an irreputable pirate ship that has suddenly found itself in possession of a valuable cargo, surrounded by a sea of trouble, trouble, and even more trouble. The Plunder playset is designed to mimic the high-stakes adventures and mystical mayhem that takes place in Pirate adventures like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, the Liveship Traders Trilogy by Robin Hobb, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

  • Post-Apocalypse - Put on your dirty and scuffed up football gear and grab your spiked clubs because this one is going to be one heck of a wild ride! In the Post-Apocalypse setting you take on the role of a survivor, someone that didn't die off in one of many potential apocalypses. Inspiration for this genre playset was taken from Mad Max by George Miller, John Christopher's The Tripods Series, and Kevin Reynold's Waterworld.

  • Solitaire - During this time of Global Pandemic many gaming groups are unable to meet in person and play. In order to help fight boredom stemming from this lack of in-person games we present to you Suited: Solitaire! Suited: Solitaire is a supplemental expansion that aids in playing Solo Adventures using the Suited: RPG system. Included in this supplement: a simple guide for answering yes/no questions, a Quick Encounter Resolution for determining how Characters handle a situation with a simple card draw, an Subject and Answer Table for interpreting the answer to open-ended questions that a simple Yes or No just won't answer, Optional Rules for Chracter Creation, Alternative Rules for playing Suited: RPG, Guidelines for Extended Play and leveling up characters, Methods for merging different genre playsets to form a unique hybrid game. We hope that you find this expansion helpful in playing Solo, or GM-less games!

  • Space Time Welcome to the Away Team Sailor! In Space Time you take on the role of shipmates that work aboard a Universal Peacekeeping Corps Starship. You have been sent to an alien planet to help deal with a crisis that has popped up, but weird and annoying disturbances keep interrupting your progress. Can you solve the crisis and deal with all of the disturbances without ended up dead? Good luck, and here’s hoping your uniform isn’t red! Space Time is meant to evoke the feeling of classic exploration science fiction and space operas such as the Star Trek Series by Gene Roddenbury, the Farscape Series by Rockne S. O’Bannon, and the Battlestar Galactica Series by Glen A. Larson.

  • Super Powered – In a world filled with dangerously smart, dangerously powered, and dangerously devilish and dastardly villains, only your crew’s dashing and daringly dramatic actions . . . and large amounts of property damage can save everyone’s lives! In the Super Powered playset players take on the role of superheroes and do-gooders that have to save the day from equally powerful and deranged villains. This playset is best suited for those who wish to play a game evoking Disney’s The Incredibles, DC’s Detective Comics, and the high-octane action of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  • Western - Some Varmint is up to trouble and you and your posse have gotta stop them! So saddle up yer horses, put on your cowboy hats and hit the trails! In the Western playset you take on the role of a hero from the glory days of the Wild West that has an important mission to carry out. Inspiration for this playset was taken from George P. Cosmatos's Tombstone, Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars, and Mel Brook's Blazing Saddles.

  • Wuxia Gushi Translating literally as “Martial Heroes Ancient Poetry”, Wuxia Gushi places you in the position of a highly trained martial artist that finds themselves caught up in a sudden journey through Ancient China escorting a very valuable relic. This genre playset is not designed for people looking for a realistic and serious game, but is more designed to evoke the feeling of Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, and Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Each of the included genres comes with tables for random character creation and world generation, as well as a quickstart adventure fill-in-the-blank form for getting the rough outlines of a one shot game designed.

Suited's Key Features:

Fast-paced card-driven game mechanics

Multi-genre play system

Easy to learn rules for fast pick up and play

Tables for randomly generated characters and one-shot missions

Opposed actions resolution system for encouraging narrative

Great for new players experiencing their first Tabletop RPG

Suited Banner, Figures from different genres: Horror, wushu, science fiction, and more are represented, their faces replaced with card suits.